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Stories from Library Users

Why The Library Is Important to Me

Stories From Avoyelles Parish Library Users

As a child growing up in Mansura, my mother always encouraged my siblings and I to join the Book Worm Club that was offered by the Avoyelles Parish Library. It was a great way to enrich our studies and visit our local library on a weekly basis. We all have fond memories of walking home from the library with an exciting new book. Because of my love for reading I have become a teacher and will celebrate 25 years in the teaching profession.

Karen, Mansura

I visit Bunkie every couple of years to see my mother and to attend the corn festival. I did attend the corn festival and enjoyed it very much, especially the cajun music. I was however suprised by the lack of local people. In the past I would see friends and people I knew when I attended high school in the 60’s. I appreciate the opportunity to use the internet at the library. The librarian was very nice and helpful and I took care of business. My mother also loves the library’s services. Thank you Bunkie Library.

Rowland, Grants Pass, Oregon

Hope you’ll be able to receive this note from a good Canadian of Quebec. MY STORY??? I just want you to know that your library is one of the best we have seen, my wife and I, in our travels through many states . The BEST for many reasons. The people that work there, Vicki, Janet, Mary and sometimes Lois, are great. Always helpful, smiling, patient and interested in giving information. They are GREAT, and we are always welcome to the library of Marksville. Your library has a good choice of magazines and books, and if some day, we have more money than we need for living, we’ll buy more computers and better ones for the library of Marksville. We want to tell them we’ll be there as usual in the last week of March. We want to tell them good-bye from Texas, where we spent the winter. Again, thanks for ALL you have done for us, take care and see you soon.

Anne et Henri, Quebec

P.S. Laissez le bon temps rouler…surtout avec le beau temps qui s’en vient. Bonjour encore  Vicki, Janet et Mary Elles sont patientes et servent trs bien le public. Impossible de trouver meilleure personne pour travailler  la librairie.

My husband and I look forward to Tuesday mornings when the Outreach Branch comes to Effie. It’s GREAT in every way, selections, service, and the branch manager who is so helpful!

Marjorie, Effie

The Avoyelles Parish Library is a great tool for learning and assisting people with special needs. The addition of the different websites on the computer has been an invaluable asset. I am always looking for new information about certain health concerns. I am also very pleased with the literature you can find there, and if it’s not at this branch, then I know that it can be found. Thanks to all the librarians in the parish who make a visit to the library informative and enjoyable.

James, Simmesport

As a new member of this community having come from New Orleans, I was hesitant to visit the local library until I was introduced to the head librarian at a meeting. I was impressed by her enthusiasm. My appreciation has grown unabashedly ever since.

In Ms. Thevenote’s hands even scant resources can be multiplied to satisfy our diverse library members. The able staff goes to great lengths to make every visit special for me and my entertainment hungry family. If a book is not on location, it is still available through the exchange network.

For these and all other services rendered, thank you all hearty librarians.

J.B., Marksville
I can’t imagine a world without books. A world without books is dark, dull, lonely, unhappy, cruel and discontented. The library is friendly and warm and you know you are welcome there. I believe a world without books knows nothing about God or friends or Love. In fact, a world without books and libraries is uncivilized and we hear about that every day. The people working there are special. I suppose they love to read, too.

Reading is an education, it’s traveling, it’s knowledge. It’s everything a poor person would never have otherwise.

I could never finish saying all the good things the library has done for me.
Alberta, Marksville

The branch library here in Moreauville has provided me with immeasurable pleasure through the years. We are fortunate to have a librarian so helpful in obtaining books and materials that are of interest to each of her different patrons. Through the years I have enjoyed bringing my grandchildren to the many programs offered to them through the library. This has fostered in them an appreciation of our library facilities. Because this is a small community, the library is often our only source of culture, so it is therefore of great value to our village. I look forward to more years of enjoyment afforded by the Avoyelles Parish Library in Moreauville.

Zeline, Moreauville

The library to me is not only a place where I can check out books or do research, it is also a place where the librarians are helpful and ready to help anyone as they are able to. Each librarian has a different personality and brings something different to the atmosphere. I think the library and the people who work there are great!

Monica, Marksville

I got my library card and started using the library when I was about 7 or 8. I learned how to be more responsible for my books. The best thing about the library is the computer. It helps me with my homework for school.

Eden, Simmesport

I’ve been using the library ever since middle school. Now as an adult I enjoy its services even more. Each time my 3 year old asks to go read books at the library I smile because I love to read. It makes me feel good to see him read even though he is only reading the pictures. The librarians are helpful with all my needs. If I walk into the library with a frown, I leave with a smile. It keeps me visiting the Simmesport library more and more.

Shawnita, Simmesport
In 1980 I was working on an outdoor kitchen when I broke my leg. After 2 years it had not healed completely and I was worried that it might not heal at all. I went to the library in Marksville to get a book on a craft or other hobby that I could do to fill up time. While I was there I found a book on the best surgeons in the United States. I read the name of a surgeon at the Campbell Clinic in Memphis who specialized in the type of problem I had. Two days later my wife and I went to Memphis. The doctor told me that he could fix my leg with a special kind of surgery. He also told me that there was a surgeon closer to home in New Orleans at the Tulane Clinic who could perform the same surgery. My leg healed within 3 months after the procedure!

I still read especially non-fiction and use the library for information on all my projects.
James, Bordelonville

When the library system in Avoyelles Parish was first being developed, my father was on the police jury. The first year the library was funded on a trial basis by the state. The next year the police jury voted to fund it. My mother because of her love for books, her interest in seeing a library system established for Avoyelles Parish, and my father’s involvement with the library through the police jury, had the first library card issued in Avoyelles Parish. She remained an avid reader and would devour books. My family’s involvement and interest in the library continued when I became the second president of the Avoyelles Parish Library Board.

Fred, Bunkie
Reading has been my biggest pastime ever since I learned how to read. I would get 4 or 5 books at a time from the Cottonport library. My children used the library too for books and reference while they were in school.

I always felt sorry for a person who didn’t like to read because I felt they were missing out on something.
Myrtle, Bunkie

I’ve been using the library ever since I moved to Cottonport. I have one of the first library cards ever issued in Cottonport and I still use it today. The librarian knew what kinds of books I liked and would keep them for me. Before I moved to the Bailey House, the librarian would bring books to me

Annie, Bunkie

When the library opened, it was in a small building that used to be a meat market and for only a few hours a week. It was a wonderful thing when they brought the library here. I was so proud of our little library. The Bookmobile also came around on its way to Dupont. I was librarian in Plaucheville for 3 years until my family moved to New Orleans. I still use the library now in Plaucheville. I love to read and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t read something.

Helene, Plaucheville

I am 81 years old. When I was first married we lived in Lower Choupique several miles from town. The only means of transportation was a wagon. When the Bookmobile started coming our way, I was so glad as I could get novels and informative books. This continued for several years. When the library opened in Plaucheville that was a great and good thing. I am still a regular reader. The nicest thing about the library is the librarian. She is very nice. During the summer my grandchildren come with me and each has a card.

Ledell, Plaucheville

To me the world would not be what it is without our library. Where would we get our information about so many things of importance or reading just for the pure joy of it? I can’t help thinking so very often how we are blessed by having a library. I know I greatly enjoy mine in Cottonport. We are blessed to have a wonderful librarian, who is so helpful and knowledgeable. She makes my visit to the library a pleasure!

Nellie, Cottonport

As a teacher I will always consider the library as an invaluable source of information. I believe that the library system is something everyone who lives in Avoyelles Parish should be proud of.

Phyllis, Plaucheville

When all of my children left home, I really got down to reading. My eyes are tired so I read all the large print books I can find. Love all you librarians!

Moedel, Plaucheville

I am an avid reader and I still read four books or more each week. When I was young I lived in Alexandria and to get the most recent books, we used to rent them from Wellans for 10 cents a day. We used to go to the old Alexandria Library, also. One of the librarians there was mean. She would tell us not to touch the books. I told myself them, if ever I was a librarian, I would make my library bright and cheerful. I was librarian of the Cottonport Library for over 42 years!!

Montez, Cottonport

When I got my first library card it was like I belonged in my parish and community. The ladies have always been very helpful, courteous, and polite. I have always received plenty of information such as on crafts, education, and history.

Truedy, Simmesport

The library holds very fond memories for me. As a child I attended St. Joseph School in Plaucheville and remember the library across the street from the school. The nuns would allow us to go during our lunch recess and check out books. It was such an amazing experience to walk into a building filled with hundreds of books and being able to check out anything we wanted. I still remember one of the first books I checked out was a biography of Clara Barton. I was so impressed by her kindness and bravery. I became a nurse later in life and attribute my reading of Clara Barton as my inspiration.

Carol, Cottonport

The library has afforded me knowledge, entertainment, and friendship with the library staff who are so very kind and helpful. As I grow older, it has become my main source of company. Thank you, library staff!

Stella, Marksville
Ever since I was a child, the library has been an important part of my life. The many books I read, as a child and growing up, helped feed my creative nature and satisfy my desire to know more about the world beyond me. Books gave me the impetus to decide that I wanted to be a writer. As I had children, one of the first places I took them was to the library so they could share that wondrous world with me. My two sons and I always ended up at the library where we spent Saturday afternoons or after school visits. As they grew older it became a meeting place and always a safe haven where they had to wait for me.

I don’t care to amass a personal collection of books that just sits on a shelf gathering dust, so the service provided by the library keeps me in the latest bestsellers, furnishes a place for reference work, and allows me to remain in touch with the classics.

I have always found that the people who work at libraries are kind and helpful, taking the time to be of service. I just can’t image my life without the library; I would be a tree without water.
Donna, Marksville
One of the most important services that the library offers is the use of the free books for the blind. My uncle has been living with my mother for the past four or five years. He is blind and also has emphysema. If it hadn’t been for this free service offered by the library, I don’t know what he would have done. Thank you, Library, for making his days bearable and fulfilled.
Unnamed, Marksville

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