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Library Board Members

Patra Coco
Dawn Gremillion
Lionel Bordelon
Marina Gagic
Joey Frank
Nealie Hale, Secretary
Travis Franks, Ex Officio
Anne Dorgant

Bylaws for the Avoyelles Parish Library Board

The aim of the Avoyelles Parish Library is to be of service in fulfilling the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of all people regardless of age, sex, education, economic level, ethnic origin, or physical condition.  The library should be a leading force in the community it serves to bring better conditions to the area by enriching it culturally, providing the means for continual education of its citizens, answering the information needs of the people, providing a basis for economic growth of the parish and the people in it, and furnishing a recreational outlet for all ages.  The library supports the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Librarian’s Code of Ethics.

The Board of Control of the Avoyelles Parish Library System, along with the library director and staff, shall plan and work toward a common goal to provide library service of the highest quality possible to every resident of Avoyelles, in the most cost-effective manner possible.  The Board shall be progressive in outlook without overlooking the value of traditional services.  The Board shall also assist in serving as an agency of the public needs in planning library policies and services, and shall endeavor through contacts within their communities to best determine changes needed and services desired.  The role of the board within the community will be to assist in promoting the library and its services to those who may not be fully aware of them, and to assist in promotion of fund-raising and passing of tax elections.  It is the responsibility of the board to see that the library is adequately funded to provide for the needs of the public, and offers the facilities from which to do so. 

The Board shall consist of six trustees appointed by the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury, and the President of the Police Jury or his designate as an ex officio member, with full voting rights in accordance with LA RS 25:214.  Members of the Board are appointed at large from the parish, but traditionally have been chosen from residents of towns in which there is a library branch, one from each location.  Each appointed trustee shall serve a 5 year designated term and is eligible to be reappointed.  Ex officio trustees serve the term of their elected position. 

Trustees shall not be individually liable for any act or omission resulting in damage or injury, arising out of the exercise of his/her judgment in the formation and implementation of policy while in office, provided he/she was acting in good faith and within the scope of his/her official functions and duties, unless the damage or injury was caused by his/her willful or wanton conduct. 

Trustees shall be governed by the State of Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics. 

A majority vote of the trustees may remove one of its members for just cause.  Just cause has not been defined by law but may be interpreted as conduct which impairs the effectiveness of the board member in his position. 

In event of a vacancy, the Board may send recommendation(s) to the governing body. 

Trustees may not vote by proxy or poll.

A resignation from a board member should be in writing addressed to the President of the Board, with a copy to the board secretary.  The resignation will be effective as of the date received or date specified in the letter.  A resigning board member may make recommendation(s) for his or her successor to be considered by the board and forwarded to the governing body.   In the case of the resignation of the President from the board, a letter of resignation shall be addressed to the board’s Vice-President. 

The Board shall have the authority to establish rules and regulations governing the conduct of its business, within the established laws of Louisiana and the US. 

It shall be the duty of the board

  • to elect a President and Vice-President
  • to select and employ a Director
  • to approve the salary scale, salaries, and benefits of all library employees
  • to review and approve the library’s annual budget, and to oversee proper administration of library funds
  • approves employees hired
  • to oversee the operations and services of the library
  • to establish policies of the library
  • together with the Director, establishes and approves long-range and short-term plans for the library
  • to work as advocates within the community to foster understanding of the library, its functions and its management, and to encourage library use and support
  • to offer suggestions for promotion of the library and to serve as participants in public relations activities on the library’s behalf

Regular meetings of the board shall be held the 3rd Wednesday of January, April, July, and October, at 5:00 PM, at the library headquarters, unless other arrangements are noted in the announcement of the meeting.  Notice of each meeting will be sent to board members approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting date, and will include a tentative agenda and a copy of the minutes from the previous meeting.  Meetings shall be open to the public as required by law, except in the case of the board going into executive session.  Notice of the meeting will be posted the day of the meeting in the library. 

The order of business shall be as follows at any regular meeting:

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of minutes
  3. Statistical report
  4. Financial report
  5. Old business
  6. New business
  7. Adjournment

The board shall elect officers every even-numbered year at the January meeting.   New officers will assume office immediately. 

A preliminary budget and salary proposal will be approved at the October meeting, and the final budget at the January meeting.

A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the voting members of the board.   In the event of a vacancy, and quorum shall consist of a majority of trustees on the board.  A motion may be passed with a simple majority of voting members present, provided there exists a quorum for transaction of business.

Special meetings may be called by the President or by the written request of a majority of trustees, to be held for the purpose stated in the call for such a meeting.  Notice of the meeting is to be given no less than one week before the meeting, except in cases of emergency. 

The board shall elect a President and a Vice-President.  The Library Director shall serve as Secretary/Treasurer.

Officers shall hold office for 2 years, and may be re-elected.  Removal or resignation from the board automatically removes an officer from the term of his or her office on the board.

Duties of officers of the board shall be as follows:

The President:

  • presides at meetings and maintains order
  • determines committees and makes appointments
  • authorizes calls for meetings
  • sees that board resolutions are carried out
  • signs documents as necessary
  • serves as the board’s official spokesperson, or designates a spokesperson
  • serves as liaison between the Director and the board
  • is responsible for clarifying goals for the Director

The Vice-President:

  • presides in the absence of the President, and may assume any duties delegated by the President
  • may sign official documents in the absence of the President, upon request by the Director

The Secretary/Treasurer:

  • prepares materials for board meetings, including statistical and financial quarterly reports
  • prepares an annual library budget
  • maintains a record of the proceedings of the meetings
  • calls the meeting to order in the absence of an officer
  • signs documents as needed
  • issues notices of meetings
  • prepares meeting agendas
  • upon authorization by the President and board, notifies the governing body of vacancies and recommendations
  • assists board members in providing recommendations where requested
  • keeps board members informed of special events and occurrences in the library system

The board shall select a library director, based upon qualifications determined by board discussion and state library standards, and set an entry level salary range.   The library director is evaluated at the pleasure of the board on either a formal or informal ongoing basis.  The board may establish specific goals for the Director at any time, in accordance with good library practices based on state standards.

The Director shall be the executive officer of the library and shall have the responsibility for administration of the library and carry out policies adopted by the board. 

The Director shall be responsible for the care of the buildings, grounds, and equipment, for the employment and management of the staff, for the efficiency of the library’s services, for the operation of the library, and for expenditures authorized by the budget.

The Director shall attend all board meetings, except in cases of executive session when the Director may be asked to resign.  In such cases, a trustee will act as secretary.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the board by a majority vote, provided the proposed amendment was presented in one meeting and approved at the next.