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Library Policies Page

Policies of the Avoyelles Parish Library System


Proof of current mailing address is required for a library card; a card is required to check out library materials.

Each person is responsible for materials checked out on his or her card.  Parents and guardians are responsible for material checked out by their child.

Lost library cards should be reported as soon as possible.  Replacement cost is $5.00.

Name and address changes should be given to the library when they happen.

All information is confidential within the confines of local, state, and federal laws.


You must have your library card to check materials out.

Items can be renewed or reserved in person, over the phone, or through the automation system.

Only 5 items can be overdue at one time; further items are barred from being checked out.  Per patron, a maximum of 20 items may be out at any time.  Adult patrons may have 5 reserved items at any time.

All materials should be returned to the library on time and in good condition or a fee may be charged.

Excessive losses or damages can result in loss of privileges.


The caretaker of a child in the library is responsible for the child and for his or her behavior in the library.

A parent or guardian of a child is responsible for the child’s use of library materials.  The library does not act in place of the parent in making decisions what a child can read or view.

Children ages 7-13 should not be left unattended in the library for more than an hour and children younger than 7 are not to be left at all, unless attended by someone 16 or older and responsible.

Parents and caretakers should be aware of closing times, and pick up their children before the library closes.


Eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum or tobacco in the library is not allowed.

Patrons are to abide by standards of socially acceptable behavior while in the library. Behavior considered to be socially unacceptable includes but is not limited to the following: harassment of other patrons or staff in such a way as to make them uncomfortable; noise which disturbs other patrons using the library; physical activities dangerous to the patron himself or to others; possession of any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance, or weapon; intoxication or impairment from alcohol or a controlled substance; indecent behavior, or damage to property.  Any disruptive behavior may cause the patron to be ejected from the library.  Any illegal behavior will result in being banned from the library.  Patrons who are not fully dressed, and patrons whose personal hygiene is not adequate enough to prevent an odor thereby constituting a disturbance to other patrons, may be asked to leave.

Use of the library by any group, including class visits, must be scheduled in advance.

Soliciting, politicking, and proselytizing are prohibited.

All local, state, and federal laws apply on library property.

These policies of the library are posted and library patrons are expected to abide by them for the benefit of all library users.   Internet users are expected to be familiar with the library’s policies concerning Internet use.   To see those policies, click here.

All complaints and comments should be brought to the director of the Avoyelles Parish Library System.