1. You must possess a library card in good standing and present it in order to check out any library materials.
  2. Proof of identification and current Avoyelles Parish mailing address must be shown in order to register for a library card.
  3. Anyone fifteen years of age or older who can meet the above condition may receive a library card by signing for it himself. Students who cannot show proof of age and current address or children under the age of fifteen must have a parent or guardian present at registration in order to co-sign.
  4. In signing the registration card, the patron agrees to abide by the policies of the library.
  5. Books, magazines, albums, and cassettes are checked out for four weeks; genealogy, instructional videos and study guides for two weeks; and other videos for 2 nights. Items borrowed from other libraries are checked out for the period of time allowed by lending library. Renewals on interlibrary loan items are not allowed. Requested materials go out for a two week period with no renewal.
  6. Renewals are made by request only and are made for one two-week period only. The library handles many transactions, including request renewals, by telephone.
  7. Videos, cassettes, albums, and other audio-visual materials are not to be returned in the book return, but to the circulation desk only.
  8. Fines will be charged as follows: .10 a day up to $1.00 on overdue materials, plus a .50 charge for each notice sent; $1.00 a day for overdue videos, films, and equipment, .50 for videos returned not re-wound, .25 for failure to bring library card, and 1.00 to re-order a lost library card. All charges are subject to change.
  9. A fully refundable deposit is charged on some items. If a patron fails to bring back the items on which there is a deposit, his deposit will be forfeited. In case of loss or damage to an item, the patron to whose card the item was charged will be assessed the item’s list value.
  10. Lost library cards should be reported as soon as possible, in order to prevent use by someone else. In case of such use, if the loss has not been reported, the person to whom the card is registered may be held responsible. Only one card number per person is issued and the card may be used parish-wide.
  11. Change of name, address, and phone number should also be reported as soon as possible. All library records are confidential and used for library purposes only.
  12. No eating, drinking or smoking in the library. A patron may be asked to leave the building for doing so.
  13. Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of library privileges.
  14. All complaints should be brought to the director of the Avoyelles Parish Library system.



Every attempt will be made to make use of the electronic resources available through the Avoyelles Parish Library a productive and pleasant experience. The following information is provided to guide use of these resources, including the Internet.


It is the mission of the library to provide information for the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the public. The aim of the library is to be of service in fulfilling the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of all people regardless of age, sex, education or economic level, ethnic origin, or physical condition. Any public library is a leading force in its community, bringing better conditions to the area it serves by enriching it culturally, providing the means for continual education of its citizens, answering the information needs of the people, providing a basis for economic growth of the community and its people, and furnishing a recreational outlet for all ages. Electronic resources and the Internet provide ways of increasing the resources that the library can offer. The Avoyelles Parish Library supports the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Librarian's Code of Ethics.


The Avoyelles Parish Library’s policy concerning access to all materials, print and non-print, is based on the ALA’s Bill of Rights and the corresponding interpretation of the Bill of Rights concerning Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks. Furthermore, it is the right of the parent or guardian to guide decisions about what a child or teen can read or view.


The workstations may be used for information or for recreation by adults or children. The library reserves the right to limit access to the workstations to that which is considered acceptable use, within the scope of its mission. The guidelines for acceptable use are listed below. Use of the workstations is considered agreement with the policies of the Avoyelles Parish.

The library will also make every effort to provide maximum access to the workstations, but reserves the right to limit use during times of heavy demand. During the school year, one or two workstations may be reserved for school research use and staff-assisted use when necessary. Research needs will take priority over casual browsing, in keeping with the library’s mission.


Use of the workstations is free. There will be a small fee for printing to offset the cost of consumable supplies used. Diskettes for downloading may be purchased from the library at cost. Any purchases made online are the responsibility of the user.

Due to the nature of the Internet, only that information provided through the library’s paid databases can be authenticated by the library.

The library can not make guarantees for availability of the Internet or for uninterrupted access due to matters beyond the library’s control.

Downloading from the Internet carries the risk of downloading a virus which may be transmitted to the user’s home PC. Information transmitted over the Internet is not secure and may be seen by others. Users are advised to be aware of these cautions and proceed accordingly. The library is not responsible for any damages to the patron’s hardware, software, or data due to library use.


Children who can use a workstation without discernible risk of damage to the equipment may use it for any purpose which falls into the acceptable use categories. Recommended age is 7 and above. The library may restrict use if the possibility for damage is observed, e.g. banging the keyboard.


Library staff is available for assistance with electronic research whenever possible and for guidance in use of the available software and the Internet. The library offers online databases and will assist in their use also.


Use of the workstations is based on the library’s mission to provide educational, informational, and recreational materials in keeping with the common standards of citizens of Avoyelles Parish. Materials which are pornographic, sexually explicit, racist, sexist, homophobic, or religiously intolerant may not be viewed, created, transmitted, downloaded, printed, or distributed using the public access workstations owned by the Avoyelles Parish Library, as those are not in keeping with the mission of the library.

Cost for any damages are fully the responsibility of the user. Parents or guardians of a dependent child are responsible for any damages by that child.

Information downloaded or otherwise the property of the patron may not be copied onto any of the workstations’ hard drive. Diskettes for downloading may be purchased from the library at cost.

Any purchases made online are the responsibility of the user

Use of the computers is limited to those areas which are designated for patron use only. A patron who tampers with the computers may be banned from using them.

The library’s workstations are not to be used for chat rooms, discussion groups, or any other form of electronic discussion, including game playing. Creation of web pages is not allowed.

All state, federal, and local laws apply, including laws pertaining to copyright, license, pornography, harassment, etc.

The workstations may not be used for commercial purposes or any illegal activity.

Patrons are cautioned that waste of the library’s consumable resources including excessive printing, especially of heavily graphic pages, or printing without paying, may result in suspension or banning of access to the workstations.

Use of the workstations will be on a first come, first served basis, subject to a time limitation when necessary.

Adopted by the Avoyelles Parish Library Board on July 15, 1998
Policies may be amended as needed with board approval.

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